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Properties with more than 250 rooms, that are constrained by brand standards to use Pro:Idiom encryption, by the cabling plant in your hotel, or for installations where you don’t want or cannot have in-room receivers, the NEW COM2000 HD Headend System is the perfect HDTV System solution.

Plug and Play Means Little to No Downtime

The best part of COM 2000 system is that you can switch from an existing analog headend with no downtime. The system is direct swap-in for an existing headend and in most cases requires absolutely no additional cabling. The headend staging and design can be done before the system is hooked to hotel TVs and then it’s a simple matter of connecting the new system, disconnecting the old, and setting up the in-room TVs.

Key Features and Benefits of the COM2000
The COM2000 brings many of the best features of the COM1000 into this new smaller and more energy efficient HD headend system while maintaining the nearly plug and play platform.  This new system is super-stable and full-featured right out of the box. Some of the key NEW features include:
  • The new chasis is just 3RU tall – 25% smaller than the revolutionary COM1000
  • The power consumption of the new chassis is just 225W, a fraction of what your current headend is using
  • The new COM46-flx receiver cards give you up to 8 HD receivers on a single card
  • The COM2000 utilizes either Pro:Idiom or LYNX encryption as needed
  • The new chassis has 2 slots for QAM6 modules making the system fully self-contained
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet allows for easy monitoring by laptop plugged into the front panel ports.
Features the COM2000 shares with the COM1000 HD Headend System
  • Able to integrate off-the-air programming with 1 RU ATSC module
  • Works with existing Technicolor set-back boxes and any Hotel TV designed for Pro:Idiom
  • Can be integrated with existing Guest Services devices like in-room checkout and pay-per view systems
  • Integrated, Automatic program guide gets its data straight from DIRECTV
  • Full PSIP integration so properly equipped TVs get interactive guide data
  • Full Web-based setup and remote monitoring
  • Multiple COM headend systems can be combined into a single, scalable solution

With the NEW COM2000 you can increase channels easily by adding receiver blades, the system includes redundancy of key components to give you peace of mind that your system will maintain uptime, it supports both RF and IP based networks, the system automatically tracks DIRECTV programming changes, and can be monitored both on your local LAN and remotely via a built in web interface.

The COM2000 is backwards compatible with the COM1000 HD Headend System so you can expand on an existing system or upgrade. The cost of a fully configured COM2000 is about 1/2 of a similarly configured COM1000 headend system

Check if your hotel needs the new COM2000 headend system to deliver HD programming
1) For properties over 250 rooms, the COM2000 is the perfect solution
2) A Home run type wiring with no splitters or splicing, RG-6 Coax Cable rated to 3 GHz
3) A maximum of 200 feet of distance from the distribution points to the furthest TV receiver
4) Compression Connectors in high frequency wall plates.

If your property meets all the above requirements and you have fewer than 250 rooms, you may be a good candidate for the DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE). If those are not available in your property, we can upgrade your cabling or deploy DIRECTV COM2000 Headend system.

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